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Porter Pickups - Vintage Tele set

Porter Pickups

  • ₱11,500.00

Porter Pickups - Vintage Tele set, nickel covers


"The Porter Vintage Tele set is made for the vintage junkies. It features vintage type plain enamel wire in the neck (43AWG) and bridge (42AWG). The neck pickup comes standard with a brushed nickel cover for a vintage look. The bridge features a steel baseplate and is wrapped with black string that we dye ourselves. Set is lightly wax potted. Classic old school tones in both positions, and balanced for a nice middle position sound. Both neck and bridge have AlNico 3 magnets and vintage cloth hookup wire."

- Porter Pickups


Style Suggestions:  Classic Tele Tones, Blues, Rock, Country

Buy these if…

  • You want great twang and sustain
  • You like the early tele® sound

Spec info: Neck typically is in the 7k range and bridge in the mid 6k range. AlNiCo 3 magnets. RWRP for middle position hum canceling. Steel bridge baseplate, raw nickel neck cover and black string bridge wrap standard





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