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Porter Pickups - Vintage Custom Strat set

Porter Pickups

  • ₱12,600.00

Set of 3. Aged white covers.

"The Porter Vintage Customs get their name because of the blend of vintage style coil wire with modern coil design. We added some new touches and features with this set to provide a more focused tone. The VC’s feature even height and bevelled AlNiCo 5 magnets resulting in a good string to string balance and a focused tone, with a little more output and aggression. We’ve also made this coil a little shorter than our other single coil sets, to give it a unique flavor and a stronger output. The Vintage Custom set comes complete with vintage style grey bottom bobbins, and the bridge position features a steel baseplate to tame some of the highs normally found in that position. We feel the added bridge baseplate is a perfect complement to the even height magnets.

This set is for those who like the vintage tones, but need more power from the their pickups."

- Porter Pickups



Style Suggestions:  Blues, Vintage/Heavy Tones, Hard and Classic rock

Buy these if…

  • You need more powerful strat® tones.
  • you want to have more bite and stronger tones, but love the classic sound
  • You’re wanting to balance with a humbucker better.

Spec info:  42 AWG Plain wire, wound with a pattern that results in more pop from your notes. Typical resistance range is high 5K to mid 6k from neck to bridge. AlNiCo 5 magnets. RWRP middle pickup is standard.

Porter Standard Strat Wiring Diagram

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