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Olympia - Shigeharu

Olympia - Shigeharu

Caroline Guitar Co.

  • ₱9,300.00




"We named our fuzz Olympia™ in honor of its “hammer of the gods” ’60s roots, the Pacific Northwest locales where this sound came back with a vengeance in the ’90s, and the Columbia neighborhood that is now a home to our emerging musical and artistic scene.

Inspired by our favorite timeless and classic transistor Bender and Muff-based fuzzes, we tweaked every component we could to squeeze as much performance as we could out of the designs, listened to what our testers and players told us, then forgot about the math and went for the red line. As Lemmy from Motorhead once sang: “You thought you knew the answers/but you only knew the rules.”

We are really looking forward to you getting to play this. Our goal for this fuzz is to inspire great performances…and then go further. Nothing less. Failure is not an option. This is our standard: if it doesn’t make you want to set your amps on fire in front of a bunch of hippies sitting around Indian style, and film it all in glorious Technicolor, then we have no business asking money for it."

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