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BTPA CA-0446 Braided Instrument Cable (15 feet)


  • ₱2,260.00

CA-0446 Over Braided Instrument Cable with Neutrik Black/ Gold Connectors - Straight to Right Angle 15 feet.

All Oxygen Free Nylon Over-Braid cables are quality made and tested in the U.S.A. with CA-0446 Over-Braid cable:

  • High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper
  • 20 AWG Inner Conductor
  • Ultra Low Capacitance - 20pF/ft
  • 95% Overall Copper Braided Shield
  • 100% Coverage Inner Conductive PVC Shield
  • Flexible Braided Jacket,Ultra Quiet
  • G&H, Neutrik, or Switchcraft Connectors
  • Blue/Black, Green/Black, Red/Black, Yellow/Black, Vinatge Tweed, Gospel Violet, Military Camo
  • Outperforms Canare GS-6 and Mogami 2524 with 1/2 the Capacitance 
  • Quality Made & Tested in the U.S.A.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Cord-Lox Cable Tie on Cables 3 Feet and Over
  • "XX" in the Part Number Designates the Length in Feet.


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