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How To Pre-Order

How To Pre-Order:

Some items are not yet available on hand but there is a "Pre-Order" button available. This means that you can pre-order this specific item ahead of time. Estimated lead times occur between 4-6 weeks, depending on the production and availability of that specific item. Follow the instructions below to pre-order:

1. Click on "Pre-Order" button. This will redirect you to the checkout page. 

2. Follow the instructions on the checkout page.

3. Settle payment. You can use either Paypal Express Checkout (for credit cards or your Paypal account) or Bank Deposit. Bank Deposits have a limited time frame. If you are not able to send us the deposit slip within 24 hours, your order will be cancelled.

4. Hold on to your order number and wait for updates that will be sent through your given email address. 

5. Once the item arrives, an email notification will be sent to you together with the tracking number. 



FAQ on Pre-Orders: 

1. The item that I want to order does not have a "Pre-Order" button available. It only says "Sold Out".  How will I be able to pre-order this?

Sorry, but you can't. We only allow Pre-Orders for specific items. For those items that are still "Sold Out", we will restock them first before making it available for purchase.


2. Do I need to pay the full amount? 

Yes. Let's make things simple. Either you really want the product or just "half" wanting it. If it's half only chances are you don't really want it. 


3. Can I avail of the 0% interest up to 6 months payment plan?

Yes, if you have a BPI credit card, and if you can go to SaGuijo, Makati where the credit card terminal is located. We have to swipe your card there.


4. How long will it take before the item arrives?

If you still didn't get it, it is written above in the first paragraph. But for the sake of those who doesn't read everything that's written in front of them, it is 4-6 weeks. 


5. It's already 6 weeks and my item is still not with me! Where is it???

If this happens, please understand that even if we give you accurate updates, there will still be some uncontrollable circumstances. An example is how fast the Philippines Customs process the release of the package. Rest assured we will get your item to you no matter how long it will take. 


6. I changed my mind. Can I have a refund?

Please keep in mind that we placed that order specifically just for you and nobody else. So NO, WE DON'T ALLOW REFUNDS unless the item's defective. Before thinking about any bad ideas in order to get a refund, read our Return Policy and Warranty.