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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is "Boutique"?

Tom Hughes wrote, ” “The term boutique is commonly used to describe high-quality, handmade effects built in small-scale production runs without the use of automation or mass-production techniques, thus allowing for greater attention to detail and custom-tuning of individual units. Obviously, the price of these effects will be significantly greater than most of the mass-produced offerings of the larger manufacturers. Many players question whether the benefits of boutique really warrant the investment. It is decidedly a niche market, attracting only the most discerning ears and discriminating tastes.”

 Tom Hughes (aka “Analog Tom”) is the author of Analog Man’s Guide to Vintage Effects.


2. Are you a registered business?

Yes. Unlike the other “online resellers”, we are registered under SEC. All necessary import duties and taxes were paid, so be assured that all our products went through the legal process and not imported here through a “balikbayan box”. Plus, we always give you your official receipts for all your orders, so you can buy with confidence! 

Trust becomes an issue when buying from a person or some unregistered type of business. Sometimes even if you trust them so much, at the end of the day, the transaction you made with them is still not sanctioned by the government. So if your item encounters a problem along the way, depending on the person who sold it to you, you might not get support or an exchange, or even a refund. That person might run away for all you know. But we are a registered business and we issue official receipts. If you encounter problems with the product you bought from us, you can always count on us for support. 


3. Are you a direct dealer of the brands that you carry?

Yes! We order directly from the manufacturer to be sure that we are giving you the authentic product that you’re looking for. We try our best to make you feel that you’re directly communicating with the brands that we represent.


4. How much is the "XYZ" pedal from "Brand X"? Need it ASAP!

If you don’t see it on our product list, news feed, or any of our social media, then most probably not! It would really help if you can find the time to read, everything you need to know is already written here. However, if you are suggesting that we bring that brand over here, you can send us an email.


5. What are your payment options?

a. Bank Deposit – deposit your payment to our BPI account. Our bank details will be provided upon checkout if you choose this payment method.
b. Paypal/ Credit Card online - use your existing account with Paypal or create an account to be able to use your credit card. 
*How to create a Paypal account:
c. Lay-Buy through Paypal - pay with your own installment plan online. Choose how much Down Payment % (20%-50%) and how many months (1-6 months) you would like to pay your balance.



6. Do you have installment plans?


Yes. Lay-Buy through Paypal (online) - pay with your own installment plan online. Choose how much Down Payment % (20%-50%) and how many months (1-6 months) you would like to pay your balance. Note: under this payment method, we will only deliver your order upon receipt of your final payment.


 7. How does Lay-Buy work?

This is offered through Paypal's payment gateway. Lay Buy only charges 0.9% admin fee. Minimum of 20% downpayment, balance payable up to 6 months max.

Step 1: Select "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY" payment method in checkout.


         Step 2: Click "Complete Order"

        Step 3: You will be redirected to the LAY-BUY Payment Plan page. Select an option for Down Payment % (20%-50%) and Months to Pay (1 to 6)

       Step 4: Scroll down to see your next due dates. Click on "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY" to proceed. Note: Items will be delivered once the final payment has been received. A 0.9% admin fee is payable on top of the total price of your purchased item. 

       Step 5: You will be redirected to the Paypal gateway. Here you will see the breakdown of your payment including the Lay-Buy admin fee. In this page you will also get to choose whether to use your existing Paypal account or Create a Paypal account to be able to use your credit card.



8. When will my items be delivered?

All items are delivered within 3-4 business days after completing your order. This may take a little bit longer if there are any weather disturbances or holidays during this period. 

We will notify you through email and SMS the real time updates on your shipment.

For Lay Buy installment plans, we will only deliver once we have received your final payment according to your plan.


9. Do you do meet ups?

No, for both our convenience. Usually this is the method of the buy and sell industry and not the usual online business method of delivering the goods to the customers. The meet up method is used because trust becomes an issue when buying from an unknown person or business. Both parties prefer to meet up and do the exchange at the same time (money x goods) to be sure that the transaction will be made accordingly. We don't do this because we are an online store and the benefit of an online store is that they deliver the goods to your preferred address. Trust is already built when you know you are buying from a legit store that you know is registered and gives you your official receipts. If you still have doubts about our legalities, you can go to our showroom instead. 


10. Do you accept walk in clients?


Yes, at 19 East, Sucat. 19 East is open Tuesdays - Saturdays, (sometimes Mondays too) 7PM-2AM. Items displayed there are subject to change without notice. Email us to know which items are available in 19 East.


11. Do you have a return policy?

Yes. Click here: Return Policy and Warranty


12. Why are your prices higher than seller XXX?

First, read number 2 again. We import our products legally that's why we pay our taxes. And taxes are passed on to consumers. Thus, the higher price. Aside from that, read number 3 again. We're the direct dealers of the brands that we carry. We don't know where that other seller got his stuff, but we order our stocks direct from the source.