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About Us

Rockstore Manila Group Inc.

Office Address: GMV Center, 107 North Main Avenue, Laguna Technopark Inc., Binan, Laguna, Philippines 4024

Office Telephone No.: 049 508-2079


*NOTE: We don't entertain walk-ins in our office. We are an online shop, not a physical shop. All transactions are done online unless you want to purchase at our showroom. 


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Twitter, Instagram: @rockstoremanila




*19 East Bar & Grill, Sucat - Business Hours: 7PM - 12MN, Tuesdays - Saturdays

*Contact us for stock availability.  


Philippine's First Premium Musical Gear Shop Online

Rockstore Manila was created for the love of gear. Every guitarist has his own rig with his own settings. This rig produces the sound like how any one would expect it to sound like – distorted sounds from the cranked amplifier pushed by some really hot pickups, repeats from the delay pedal,  some sizzling tones from the fuzz pedal, and so on. It’s a no brainer, and you just enjoy playing whatever you like from whatever settings you set.

However, there are guitar players that want more.  They strive to look for that special sound from time to time eventually changing the settings every now and then. Sometimes they find it, most often they don’t.  These artists are keen on getting this because it’s what makes them express their individuality. These people are the ones who really want to create instead of imitate. When we speak of “tone” we’re not only referring to the tone knob of your guitar or amplifier. We’re also talking about that unique sound your pedalboard produces. This specific tone or sound depends on what pedals you put in your signal chain. Aside from the artist himself, the combination of guitar, amplifier, and pedalboard, is what makes your own tone.

To be able to do this, we need to make the Philippine market aware of the bigger picture. We try to source out only the best musical gear and accessories available from around the world.  These products are unique in such a way that they are still being hand made and produced in smaller batches. The components used are also rare and hard to find, which makes them very special and sound exceptionally good.

With the help of our partners, Rockstore Manila is the Philippines’ first, if not the only, premium musical gear store online. We only offer the finest boutique quality guitar effect pedals and other musical parts and accessories. We carefully select the brands that we bring and we make sure that these brands are being well represented locally. Premium quality and service are the two things that distinguish Rockstore Manila from the others.

Aside from being an online shop, we also have a display in 19 East Bar in Sucat. People especially from the south know that 19 East is already an institution. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Laguna de Bay, 19 East is probably the best music and resto bar down in the southern part of the metro. With world class facilities and sound system, the local artists consider it an honor to play in this venue. 19 East is open Tuesdays-Saturdays 7PM-2AM.

Rockstore Manila started out last January 2013 with only three brands of guitar effect pedals in store. Today, we are already representing more than twenty brands with different guitar related products from around the world and are still growing as we try to add a new brand each year. In spite of this, we remain our strength and focus on customer satisfaction. We do our best to represent the brands here with a consistent image – it’s as if you are dealing with these builders directly. We don’t compromise on the quality of the products that we bring; we always aim for the best out there. Rockstore treats you like a Rockstar!